post-title GCU Lahore is among 10 universities of Punjab for which the 2014-06-09 11:06:07 yes no Gönderen: Kategoriler: News-TR

GCU Lahore is among 10 universities of Punjab for which the

Canada Goose online The crisis surfaced in the wake of absence of Vice Chancellor (VC), regular or acting one, at the Government College University (GCU) has deepened as the varsity fears closure of transport facility for students from Monday since the administration has failed to clear the bills.Sources in the university said the bills for salaries to the varsity gazetted and non gazetted staff, remuneration to visiting faculty, petrol/diesel and utilities including electricity, telephone and gas, had been pending since July 27, 2015 and could not be processed as approval of VC was required as per financial statutes of the university.It is pertinent to mention here that the post of GCU Vice Chancellor has been vacant since July 25 after tenure of Dr Khaliq ur Rahman expired.GCU Lahore is among 10 universities of Punjab for which the government has been in search of VC since mid May this year as the Search Committee finalised its recommendations around that time. A delay is being witnessed vis appointment of VCs at all these varsities and the institutes have been facing administrative and financial problems like GCU in the absence of regular administrative heads.Meanwhile, in a press statement issued Friday, the GCU Academic Staff Association (GCU ASA) has demanded that the emergent meeting of the varsity syndicate summoned by the Registrar in the absence of the Vice Chancellor, on Saturday (today) should remain restricted to the payment of salaries, utility bills, transport and admissions, and no matter related to faculty members or staff shall be taken up until the appointment of executive head of the institution. The demand was based on a resolution passed by the executive body of the GCU Academic Staff Association (ASA) in a meeting on Friday. Canada Goose online

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