You don’t normally see doctors taking a “divide and conquer” approach to curing disease. If you tell the doc you’ve got both food poisoning and pneumonia, you rarely hear him say, “Good! Let those fuckers fight it out!” Yet a London hospital found that the herpes virus, used in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, helped kill cancerous cells in 93 percent of patients diagnosed with head and neck cancer (the article offers no explanation as to what in the blue haired goblin balls led them to this discovery). So, yeah, apparently some diseases will turn on each other if they both invade the same spot in your body.

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iPhone Cases sale Solavei Services are ONLY available in the United States. Only USA citizen’s may participate in our business opportunity. See the phones we offer through third party vendor.. Upon close scrutiny, one can see that Micromax’s TVCs focus solely on the product and its features (Remember Akshay Kumar’s flashy ad?) while the recent Mother’s Day digital ad film (What Mom Really Wants) utilised a strong emotional connect to advertise the brand’s mobile phones in an indirect way. Micromax even chose to associate itself with an ad campaign by Corning Gorilla Glass that followed the strenuous routine of Mumbai’s Dabbawalas. With the new Father’s Day ad, which is silent on the brand’s products, a clear divide can be seen in the way Micromax is opting to advertise its products on television and digital platforms iPhone Cases sale.