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Women’s Swimwear In short, no one should have been surprised by Francesca’s poor results. But the analysts were clearly surprised. They maintained their targets at over $30.00, only lowering them after the big miss. The 52 year old shared the clip of herself dancing on a tropical beach in a hot pink string bikini.We want to look like this at 52. Photo: Instagram/elizabethhurley1Already notorious for her ridiculous figure, it’s left fans wondering exactly what Liz’s anti ageing secrets are and what they need to do to look like her.Liz Hurley’s bikini wardrobe malfunctionLiz Hurley is looking better than ever in a bikini at 52″How in world does she look so great at her age?” commented one of Liz’s followers.”I mean she’s a couple of years older than me and hangs out at the beach in the sun all the time. Don’t even get me started about how she has even given birth and still has that amazing bikini body.”The swimwear designer is probably the best person in the world to spruik her designs Women’s Swimwear.