Turkish Construction Materials Environmental Performance database-TurCoMDat, welcomes the new addition of many office furniture products from Koleksiyon Furniture. Being the only database in its kind in Turkey and one of few across the EU, TurCoMDat contains construction products manufactured in Turkey. It is developed to help green building practitioners and specifiers to find green building compliance products achieved through EPD Certification.

One of the biggest furniture manufacturers and exporters in Turkey and one of the world’s leading brands, Koleksiyon Furniture continues to publish EPDs in many products thanks to its EPD Process Certification system set up to disclose the environmental performance of all its products. The EPD Process Certification system enables manufacturers such as Koleksiyon Furniture with a wide range of products to publish EPDs fast and cost-effective. Being the first of its kind in its sector, EPD Process Certification project, successfully completed by Metsims Sustainability Consulting, was invited to EPD Stakeholder Conference held in Brussels. The project was presented to wider audience as an example how to disclose EPDs at large scale. It was an opportunity to show off another great brand from Turkey with dedication in sustainability and sustainable design.

With the addition of office furniture to TurCoMDat, Koleksiyon will have another platform to display products that has sustainability in its design thought process to wider market in eight different world languages to green building designers, specifiers and procurers.

So far, EPD Process Certification system has produced 30 EPD certificates for 30 products and there will be more disclosures when the new designs comes to the market. All those products will be included in the TurCoMDat database.