About TurCoMDat

TurComDat is life cycle assessment database for Turkish construction materials. The data sets follow the international standards and norms and formatted to be used in building environmental performance assessment. It is developed to address the need for measurability of environmental performance of buildings. Every data set includes 24 environmental impacts from carbon to energy at each life cycle stage of the product. Majority of the data sets are independently third party verified by international experts and the rest is by the Academic Committee of SÜRATAM.

TurCoMDat with Numbers

TurCoMDat contains environmental performance of construction products for their functionality in a building context. It includes internationally verified 24 environmental indicators such as climate change, acidification, eutrophication and so on.

Each of the 24 environmental indicators are provided at each life cycle stage of the product from raw materials to production and use phase to disposal, totalling 17. In a technical terms, TurCoMDat contains data in a 3-dimensional matrix; number of products, life cycle stage and environmental indicators.

TurCoMDat currently includes products from 25 major producers in Turkey representing 13 sub-sectors in construction materials. Both the number of companies and products is increasing by the day. Generic datasets for each product representing manufacturing in Turkey is also available.

What is TurCoMDat?

Why TurCoMDat ?

  • TurCoMDat helps designer, architects and specifiers to obtain LCA credits in green certification schemes such as LEED, BREEAM etc. Most importantly, European Commission’s newly developed Level(s) framework requires building assessment to measure the impacts per square meter (kg CO2 / m2, KWh / m2 building area)

  • TurCoMDat will bring the opportunity for Turkish manufacturers to promote their green buildings compliant products to export markets

  • TurCoMDat will facilitate Turkish building materials to gain a big share from the rapidly developing green building market and contribute to the development of green building certification systems.

  • TurCoMDat will provide benchmarking opportunity for Turkish producers in their sectors and product groups to improve resource and energy efficiency.

  • TurCoMDatwill offer the opportunity to calculate the value of resource and energy efficiency potential in Turkish construction materials sector.

  • TurCoMDat will make Turkish construction materials and products stand out in terms of their environmental disclosures in the export markets and contribute to the Made in Turkey brand.

  • TurCoMDat can be implemented in BIM systems for materials and products to include environmental performance information, enabling the building environmental performance calculations.




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Environmental Indicators

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TurCoMDat provides opportunity to access LCA credits in the world’s leading green building certification systems such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB.

Download further information on TurCoMDat

For further information on TurCoMDat Database, please download the brochure below (currently in Turkish only). For further information and for information in other languages, please contact us.

TurCoMDat contains materials with EPD information as well. EPD Booklet prepared by EDP Turkey can be a useful source of information (currently in Turkish only).