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SÜRATAM – Financial Support

SÜRATAM, the Turkish Centre for Sustainable Production, Research and Design, is established to promote and develop sustainable production in Turkey through research and development and design. It aims to enable energy and resource efficient production through life cycle-oriented, sustainable design approaches. Established in 2014 by the private sector and supported by the industry, the Centre focuses on R&D activities to develop sustainable products and services, offers research and development expertise and technical support to manufacturers on sustainable production and identify the needs in industry for sustainable future.

Metsims – Technical Infrastructure and Developer

Established in 2005 in Oxford, United Kingdom, as a consultancy for focusing on resource efficient and optimised materials and process development in manufacturing industries, Metsims has over the years developed expertise in the areas of resource efficiency, circular economy, sustainable business models and life cycle thinking. As part of strategy to provide sustainability services beyond the EU, Istanbul office was established in 2009 and reached legal entity in 2011 is the first to implement the life cycle thinking in the industry and to be a comprehensive company with many years of experience in construction, building materials, chemistry, energy. Metsims, except Turkey Building Materials Environmental Performance Life Cycle Database- TurCoMDat, is the only company that develops- Turkish Life Cycle Database-TLCID. Metsims is a consulting firm which indicates sustainability to measurable performance indicators, calculate and evaluate it, and communicate with all stakeholders.

Metsims continues its commitment to measure sustainability with the key indicators. 

ÇEDBİK – Turkish Green Building Council  – Practitioner

Turkish Green Building Council – ÇEDBİK organizes trainings, panels and conferences to promote social awareness and encourage the construction sector for production under sustainability principles. It also works to develop and disseminate exemplary projects and work models for local governments, universities, public and private sectors. Today, ÇEDBIK continues to contribute the awareness about sustainable urban transformation, energy efficiency and green building topics in Turkey, with its efforts. Being an umbrella organization of green building studies in Turkey, ÇEDBİK supports LEED certification practices in Turkey under the agreement with USGBC, with organizations of various promotion trainings and awareness-raising activities. Continuing research and studies in the field of green buildings, ÇEDBİK has created the housing certification system ÇEDBİK-Konut to be implemented in new housing projects. ÇEDBİK-Konut has been created in accordance with the conditions of Turkey the meeting with central and local governments for ÇEDBİK-Konut are ongoing.